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I tried my hand at engagement photos, with all the photoshopping that entails. It was a little stressful to do the shoot, but editing was bunches of fun (at the bar no less) since I got to play with saturation levels and the like. I hope I did my best friend and her fiance proud- they certainly deserve the love and happiness I managed to capture.

These are my personal favorites, but see the rest here!


April 4: Meine Liebe

If you are wondering why I haven’t been posting frequently, it’s because of this man:

This is my special man friend. He occupies a considerable chunk of my time. Pretty cute, right?

He’s been bitten by the shutterbug as well, and when he updates his account, I will share it. At any rate, the weather is becoming more and more spring-like, and the sideyard is just bursting with green! It’s rather inspiring.

There is nothing so captivating as nature in its greenest. The hue exudes life, proclaiming health and vibrance.

Methinks my Irish is showing…

As always, peruse my photographs here and get outside!

Foraging For My Niche

My apologies folks: I got to a point at which I was no longer inspired by my daily photograph quota. The requirement to produce something killed the point of the exercise, and I no longer took joy in searching for interesting perspectives and quality content. Instead it took on the form of a chore, and I couldn’t afford to dislike photography. So I took a break… and here we are, four months later, and I haven’t produced a single thing.


Sure I could credit life’s activities (vacation, getting a boyfriend, losing a job, holidays, looking for a job, getting a job…) but that would be a futile grab at passing the blame. As frustrated as I become with my situation, I strive to remember who’s responsible. One must realize one’s power over environment and outlook. Recently I am prompted to mind my goals for my own life by not only financial struggles, but fostered opportunities. Friends attempt to comfort me in the statement of temporary conditions; how I’ll figure it out soon, it just takes time, yet this only agitates me all the more. I loathe the wait, toughing it out, making the best of these hard times. I was raised on the belief in creating a path, despite efforts made to restrain and imprison. Without a target to aim for, I wither and settle. This I refuse to do, ever keeping a goal within my sights, in order to retain sanity here at rock bottom. At least I’m not the only one down here!


I would like to share a bit of reflection on some of the aforementioned revelations on this world more that a few of us exist in:


We were promised the world, but by the time we came of age to inherit, there was naught left but crumbs. “You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up,” and the “American Dream” ended up to be bedtime stories, retold long past childhood; fairytales believed in by adolescents, retold and retooled to be personalized fantasies. When we finished our specialized training, in a field conjured out of whims and illusions, we were faced with, not a beautiful prize, or even a fiery challenge, but a vast desert, one which expands, consuming the forests of opportunity and revealing not even a deceiving face to blame and defeat. Armed only with a flimsy piece of paper we struggle, starve, and settle for a mediocrity which cripples our ambitions, and thus our ability to achieve lifelong happiness we came to expect from the days we were tucked in. Where we used to invent, discover, and explore, we now conform, devolving to a hamster on a wheel, suit adorned, running 9 to 5 on a track leading nowhere. At least, not anywhere we wanted to go.


Why hadn’t someone told us? So often our ideas had been corrected, why not this too? This farce, an oyster of a world awaiting our arrival, yet there is no pearl to be found. Perhaps therein lies the key; pearls are sand and dirt and trash, irritants and troubles, transformed over time, worked and molded into the final gem. We expected a proffered platter, and must prepare to labor for our small contented corner.


Don’t worry, I’ll soon get up some artistic spirit and jump behind the lens!

November 16: Introduce More New

More wandering, more new places, more new times… so much insanity going on with the Occupy Wall Street, or fill in the blank, we have to remember what we’re fighting for. The little cafes that still survive. The early morning commute.

View Looking Out

I stay happy and human by continuing to expose myself to new corners of the city, and when I leave this one, I’ll do the same wherever I go next. We are in unique places, but all see the same stars.

Early to Rise

Early morning is such a quiet calm time. The only people out are dozing or well caffeinated. No one’s hateful, or loud, or offensive. There is a common understanding that it is just too early for that nonsense. I float through, thinking of crowing roosters in the hills of Virginia.

You can find more photos if you seek!

Yongqun Guo

I remembered her cranes as some of the most inspired painting, and use of color, that I had seen in a few stalls.

The image comes through warped, so really take a look at all her work!

November 15: Good Weather, Good Cheer

Sometimes, all it takes is remembering to put one foot in front of the other, and take each step at a time, and to look around. Remember to breath deep slow breaths, to open your eyes and see. And to do so on gorgeous weather days, and more of your commute.

Reach for the Sky

There is something so warming and inspiring about these trees…

And Thou Shalt

There’s something about this door frame that makes me want to rebel. I don’t know if its the off lines, the squat stones, the commandment on how you should be feeling, the epitomization of man-made institutions, or the age.

I took more photos! Hope you had some pleasant temperatures too!

November 14: Break

OK I’m calling this a break day off. To attempt anything creative would be forceful and unprofessional. Whatever resulted would be garbage. With that, I leave you on this note: talk to strangers. Not just attractive ones, or those with doggies, but the big smiling black man who wants to chat after his shift. Or the slightly off-kilter woman who just needs to be heard. Or the little kid being ignored by his/her parents. Empathy is the greatest trait I think I possess, and I have to remember to let my guard down, give some the benefit of the doubt, and connect. Do the same and you’ll be surprised how nice they can be.